Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Greenpeace protest at IDC in Sandton

I got tipped off that Greenpeace is planning something at the IDC in Sandton and I went there not knowing what to expect.

Greenpeace started banging drums at one entrance and then moved to the other one. At the other entrance, they chained themselves to the gates and later 'delivered' plastic bags full of leaves and with Nuclear-stickers on the bags.

The security there started freaking out and ripping the bags, throwing it at the media and hitting the media with it!

It was quite funny, but if the bags was something hard... It would have been a different case.

Here is a couple photos of me, taking the pics...
Photos by Alon Skuy / Times

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Bad Man' iPot dief vir iPod

Jason “Bad Man” Bedeman (23), a boxer from South Africa was stabbed in the forearm when robbers tried to steal his iPod. He was busy training for a big fight and now, because of the injury, needs to pull out of the fight.

The story in Beeld:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Midlands Meander Model

Daniella and I was on our way to Karkloof Waterfall after we did a Canopy Tour. On our way to the waterfall we saw these logs and I remarked how nice it could be to do a shoot here. At the falls Dani changed from clothes and sneakers to ordinary clothes. When we were passing the logs again, I decided to grab the opportunity and take a couple of pics. Dark clouds were rolling in and the light began to drop, but Dani was an awesome sport :) However, I just had a single flash there with no stands or accessories, so it was only make-shift.

Just for fun.