Monday, July 16, 2012

Emma: Fitness Shoot

Emma is a friend of mine, who works as a TV-journalist in Johannesburg. She decided this year that she wanted to do the grueling Ironman Triathlon. She trained very hard and got ready within 5 months. The Ironman consists of 3,8 km swim in the ocean,followed by 180,2 km cycling and a marathon of 42,2 km!

The Ironman is a race that's hard on the body and it took a lot of commitment in preparing for this race.

Two months later I asked her for a photo-shoot, because she is in tip-top shape and this kind of preparation must be respected.

Well done Em.


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  1. :)

    Ek het ook al gedink dat dit nogals fun moet wees om so iets met haar te doen. Good thinking met die location!