Friday, September 14, 2012

Burn survivor Pippie Kruger discharged

Pippie Kruger continues to surpass expectations!  After receiving intense physical, occupational, speech and play therapy as an inpatient at Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital over the past 10 weeks, Pippie has shown good improvement and her wounds have recovered remarkably. Pippie will be discharged from Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital on Friday 14 September.



  1. I know this is news but sometimes I wonder, how traumatic this experience must be for them. Surrounded by photographers, flashing cameras. Shame.
    But do understand why it's done.

  2. Hi Blackhuff,

    It truly saddens me that you had to go and make this negative. If it wasn't for the media that you are criticizing, you wouldn't know about Pippie's struggle and the incredible fighter that she is, in the first place.

    Furthermore, there was NEVER any photographs taken without the PERMISSION and approval of Anice and the Hospital involved. Actually we are INVITED by The Krugers every time. This picture was taken at a press conference that was called by Anice, the Hospital and the Doctors and we as media were INVITED to.

    Personally, I have been following Pippie's story since she was operated on after receiving cloned tissue from overseas. I have built a wonderful relationship with everyone involved. I have been walking hand in hand with Erwin, Anice and Arno.

    We are not vultures. This is a positive story about a little girl who had an unfortunate accident, but is fighting every day of her life. Its a story of hope. Its stories like this that needs to be told. Positive ones.